Fashion Print Design: From the Idea to the Final Fabric by Angel Fernandez

Made in Spain tanslated to many other languages.

Fashion Print Design: From the Idea to the Final Fabric.
Angel Fernandez. Author.
Daniela Santos Quartino. Editor.
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

This book guides readers through the complete process of creating fashion prints from designing prints and patterns to the final appearance of finished prints on a garment. The book is divided into two parts: one devoted to the creative process of developing a design and the second focussed on the technical aspects of producing the design. The book discusses not only the various systems for producing prints but also the practicalities of printing on a wide variety of different fibres and finishes and the problems inherent in the use of various colours. The book also contains a large gallery of different types of prints classified by themes in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

Drawing for Fashion Designers. By Angel Fernandez

Made in Spain and translated to many other languages.

Dibujo para Diseñadores de Moda. Parramón.
Le Dessin pour les Créateurs de Mode. Broché.
Desenho para Designers de Moda. Estampa.
Drawing for Fashion Designers. Paperback

 "All fashion designers need to produce drawings, and this book is the perfect guide. It covers all aspects of fashion drawing from basic technical information on the human body to using colour to show fabric and drape, and it encourages you throughout to develop your own unique drawing style.
If you are serious about a career as a fashion designer, or are a student starting out, Drawing for Fashion Designers is a fantastic resource full of information. This book takes an in depth look on drawing, colouring and styling – all in language that is easy to understand.
With handy tips, step by step guides and packed with images and inspiration, Drawing for Fashion Designers has 192 pages of current and relevant knowledge.
The visual glossary shows different garments, shapes and finishes, helping you to avoid any confusion.
We would recommend Drawing for Fashion Designers for readers with a passion for fashion and design…its clear, easy to follow and a great starting point."