The Art of Making Flowers. Handmade and Hand Painted

Working with colouring for hand dyed and hand painted as watercolours on feathers, silk, leather, metal and other materials for such purposes as millinery, hat-making, fashion, costume, bridal, accessories, and embroidery.
All work from  pattern cutting to shape and joint is handmade as an artisan job.

Oversize Silk Rose. Hand painted and hand made.
Complemented with two huge leaves and hand dyed feathers.

Dusty Pink Silk Organza Rose. 
Feathers and Pistils centre.

Mix fabrics Camellias. Hand dyed in blue.

Chrysanthemum made of Silk Organza and Cotton Leaves.
Hand painted in brown and orange.

Chrysanthemum of mix Linen and net. Silk Leaves

Cotton Rose.

Cotton Peony.

 Cotton Peony.

Flowers and long Leaves made of mixed fabrics.

Purple Dalia made of silk Satin.

Vintage Black Satin Camellia

Leather Water Lily.

Wildflowers. Handmade and painted.

Camellia made of Liberty Fabric.

Silk Organze Rose.

Vintage Flower made of Crin.

Tiny Silk Orchid.

Small White Silk Daffodils.

Long Black Wildflower. Handmade of Silk Satin.

Gold  Rose. Made of Lamé fabric

Ostrich Feathers and Silk Organza Flowers.

Chiffon Flower.

Orange Silk satin Flowers with Feathers.

Black and Grey Silk Satin Flowers with Feathers.

Black and Grey Silk Satin Flower with Feathers.

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